"That is the reality"

Seraphic Secret is driving home a truth that slaps in its intensity and validity… or certainly ought to:

Six million dead over the past ten years.

Six. Million.

Murdered through barbaric violence and mass starvation.

But, oddly enough, not with that weapon of death, the paint ball gun.

Mass rape is a weapon unleashed on thousands of women every single day.

Over a million refugees are living in filth, dying of disease and starvation.

We’re talking about… Congo.

Perhaps the scale of the humanitarian tragedy is too much for people to comprehend, or perhaps the hidden corporate agenda of mainstream media in the United States will not allow this story to see the light of day. The rape and plunder of Congo’s resources is behind the great silence which surrounds this story. The proxy armies of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda serve the international corporate agenda. The story is complicated, and will never be fully understood except within the confines of historical analysis.

Meanwhile, six million are dead in the last ten years, 1,200 people die every day, unspeakable crimes against women’s bodies go unreported, and the 1.2 million innocents in refugee camps cannot afford the time to wait for history’s analysis of the reasons behind their despair and misery. More than 2,000 rape cases were recorded last month alone in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s violent North Kivu province.

Full story here.

But no one questions the legitimacy of the Congo, arguably the most barbaric, dysfunctional country on the face of the earth.

The U.N. barely notices Congo.

And all the so-called peace activists on the left who wail and gnash their teeth about non-existent Israeli atrocities are criminally silent when it comes to authentic war crimes; the oceans of innocent blood barely registers in their collective conscience.

You know why?

Because there are no Jews in Congo.

Because Congo is not the Jewish State.

Because anti-Zionism is the new Jew-hatred.

Because Jews were despised when we did not have a state, and now we are despised because we do have a state.

Israel’s enemies are not interested in human rights. They are interested in the destruction of the Jewish State, the extermination of the Jewish people.

That is the reality.

There is no rebuttal to this.  None.

That too is the reality.

Seraphic Secret needs to be on your regular reading list.

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