Volcanoes, Sunspots, and La Nina — Oh My!

There’s an interesting article by Art Horn over at Pajamas Media (hat tip Instapundit) concerning a confluence of factors that may lead to a short-term global cooling of the planet.

Read the linked article for the details, but the quick summary is as follows.

  1. Eruptions of other volcanoes in Iceland have been historically linked to the (currently erupting) Eyjafjallajokull. Large volcanic eruptions have been known to cause significant worldwide cooling.
  2. The longest and deepest solar minimum of the last 100 years has ended recently. Long solar cycles have been linked to global cooling trends in the following cycle.
  3. The now famous (?) El Nino and La Nina ocean warming patterns point to a rise of La Nina which would serve to lower temperatures further.

The net result of this could be bitterly cold winters and unnaturally cold summers for a few years.

While I didn’t care for the tone the author Horn takes in his article–he has too many overreaching statements attacking global warming science–the sources he links are quite interesting and worth a read.

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