"There's any number of reasons for this"

Amongst them I’d count Barack Hussein Obama… mmm, mmm, mmm…  And then Pelosi and Reid…  followed by Holden, Geithner, Gibbs, Emmanuel, Ayers, Wright, Jones and what the hell… Biden too:

Gallup’s generic polling shows the number of voters saying that they would vote for Republicans rising three points from last week, while the number saying they will vote for Democrats dropped four points.  The 49%-43% lead for the Republicans is the largest that the pollster has ever recorded for the party.  Moreover, Democratic enthusiasm for voting this fall fell a point, while enthusiasm among Republicans stayed about fifteen points higher.  This indicates an even wider lead for Republicans once Gallup imposes a likely voter screen this fall.

There’s any number of reasons for this:  the public’s perception of Obama’s response to the oil spill, the shaky stock market performance last week, continued concern about the economy and spending.

Real Clear Politics

America is waking up.  Slowly but surely.

It’s change to believe in.

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