News Flash: Terrorist Supporters Get Violent

There’s been quite a bit of hullabaloo concerning Israel’s interception of a convoy of ships intending to break Israel’s blockade and embargo on Gaza. It should come as no surprise that a great many of people who routinely oppose Israel are shocked — shocked!! — that things didn’t turn out all sunshine and roses.

Before we talk about what happened, let’s get a few facts on the table.

  • Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization wholly committed to the destruction of Israel.
  • Hamas is also the duly elected government of the Gaza Strip.
  • Hamas has explicitly declared itself at war with Israel on countless occasions.
  • Hamas’ charter repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel, and explicitly rejects any compromises or settlements short of complete victory.
  • Israel has declared an embargo of all but humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, with a specific eye towards weapons and items readily converted to weapons, and enforces that with a naval blockade.
  • That action is entirely legal under international law — specifically, the San Remo rules.
  • Further, the enforcement of that blockade is also legal. Israel has every right to board any vessel that approaches Gaza (or, in this case, publicly declares its intention to land there) and inspect it for contraband.
  • The family of Gilad Shalit (the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas years ago and held incommunicado all this time, in violation of international law) offered to lend their support to the convoy — if they called upon Hamas to release him. The “activists” refused.
  • The Israeli government made a counteroffer: the convoy could dock in Israel and turn its supplies over to the Red Cross for delivery — after they had been inspected by the Israelis under the supervision of the Red Cross. The “activists” refused.

Now, Israel did what it announced it would do: intercept and board the convoy, and bring it to Israel for inspection or turn it back. On five of the six ships, the did so without incident.

On that sixth ship, though, things didn’t go quite as smoothly. In what should have come as no surprise to anyone, “peace activists” from a terrorist-supporting group turned into a violent mob. “Peace activists” attacked the Israelis (who were armed with paint guns, and needed permission to draw their pistols) with knives, clubs, and furniture. Others grabbed the rappelling ropes and tried to tie them to the ship, hoping to force the helicopters to crash. Numerous Israelis were wounded, and at least one was thrown overboard.

The Israelis fought back, defeated the “peace activists,” and brought the ship into an Israeli port. In the process, at least nine “peace activists” were killed.

Naturally, this is being turned into a PR bonanza for those who want to see Israel destroyed. Never mind the actual facts; all that matters is a new club to be used to bring Israel to heel, another step towards its eventual destruction and the rendering of the entire Middle East Judenrein.

Sadly, for the first time in a very long time, Israel can no longer depend on the support of the United States.

That “hope and change” is really, really working out well for them, isn’t it?

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