Duke Lacrosse In The News Again

Four years after their program was nearly shut down by false rape allegations and an out of control D.A., the Duke lacrosse team completed their comeback from the brink of extinction by beating Notre Dame to win the 2010 NCAA Lacrosse Championship.

While several members of the current team were freshman on the 2006 team (or committed high school seniors), who were given and extra year of eligibility to compensate for the 2006 debacle, none of the principle characters remain on the team. They all transfered to other universities and could only watch from afar.

One of those infamous members of the Duke lacrosse team, Reade Seligmann, was profiled yesterday in the Newark Star-Ledger.

His mug shot was plastered on the cover of Newsweek four springs ago with the headline: “Sex, Lies and Duke.” He was facing 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit — a crime, it was later proven, that never took place.

He will graduate from Brown University today. Seligmann, now 24, will leave the Ivy League school with a joint degree in history and public policy and attend law school in the fall, where he will pursue a career focused on reducing the number of innocent people behind bars.

People like him.

Ultimately the significance of the games you play in high school or college fade; what really matters is what you do with the rest of your life. That’s a lesson that Reade Seligmann appears to have learned.

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