Israel botches flotilla raid (UPDATED)(AGAIN)

Botches is the only word that comes to mind… it would seem that if they were going to do this, they might’ve done so more effectively and without the loss of life that has resulted…

They’ve in essence handed a propaganda bonanza to the radical Arab world.

Just dumb:

Israel’s allies froze military ties and summoned its ambassadors Monday over the storming of an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, as Muslim leaders slammed the deadly raid as “criminal” and “inhuman”.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was “shocked” by the Israeli navy’s assault on a convoy carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists, lawmakers and journalists through international waters towards besieged Gaza.

Ban called on Israel to “urgently” explain itself over the raid, which Israel’s Channel 10 TV left 19 passengers killed and 36 wounded, many of them Turks.

Israel’s closest ally Washington described the loss of life as a “tragedy,” on the eve of talks between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy,” a White House spokesman said.

As the Vatican voiced “deep sadness and concern” and Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair expressed “deep regret and shock” at the loss of life, capitals across Europe summoned Israel’s ambassadors to explain the assault.

Ankara responded with fury, recalling its ambassador from Tel Aviv and warning the assault would have “irreparable consequences” to bilateral ties.

Police held back angry crowds shouting “Damn Israel” outside Israel’s missions to the country, as Turkey accused Israel of a “flagrant breach of international law,” and “disregard for human life and peaceful initiatives.”

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc also said plans for three joint military exercises with Israel had been scrapped.

Greece, which had dozens of nationals in the convoy, pulled out of joint military exercises with Israel and cancelled a visit by its air force chief, as an aid group claimed that commandos in helicopters had fired on a Greek vessel.

Israel said its troops were attacked after they stormed six ships loaded with thousands of tonnes of aid and with hundreds of activists aboard, and that both sides used live fire.

Video shows Israeli commandos rappelling directly into the hands of those on board… makes no sense to me:

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UPDATE: Fausta has this video up that seems to bolster the notion that Israel made a serious mistake… sending their commandos directly into the hands of flotilla protestors… again I ask, why?

UPDATE II: As more is learned, more is understood as to Israel’s use of deadly force:

And this one:

So much for reports suggesting this was some sort of peace flotilla.

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