White House claims White House innocent of Sestak impropriety (UPDATED)

And so, it must be true:

I noted below that the White House asked Bill Clinton to meet with Joe Sestak to gauge whether he’d be open to alternatives other than running for Senate.

Now I’ve got some detail on precisely what alternatives were discussed.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the White House asked Clinton and his adviser, lawyer Doug Band, to suggest to Sestak an unpaid position on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

This is similar to what The New York Times’ Peter Baker was told by sources, and Baker adds that the White House counsel looked at the the offer and concluded it wasn’t illegal:

The office of Robert F. Bauer, the White House counsel, has concluded that Mr. Emanuel’s proposal did not violate laws prohibiting government employees from promising employment as a reward for political activity because the position being offered was unpaid. The office also found other examples of presidents offering positions to political allies to achieve political aims.

And that’s your meme folks… stand by for a media circle the wagon jerk as all hands are called on deck to save Obama’s bacon.

Once again, what do you think the media would be doing if this were a Republican in charge?

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UPDATE: AJStrata is suggesting that the circle will be penetrated and easily:

Who are these people kidding! Something big is about to blow in DC.

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