Bubba Under The Bus?

Well, we now have the Obama regime’s story on the Sestak attempted bribery scandal. And it looks like that they couldn’t pin this one on President Bush, they’re going to blame his predecessor, Bill Clinton.

Apparently the Obama administration was curious just how serious Sestak was about running for the Senate, so they reached out to Clinton to feel him out. Rahm Emanuel, who had served in Clinton’s White House, spoke to the former president, who had been then-Admiral Sestak’s Commander In Chief during his promotions and his service attached to the National Security Council.

Now it’s up to Clinton to say whether he discussed any particular jobs for Sestak within the Obama administration, and how explicit any quid pro quo was spelled out in exchange for Sestak not challenging newly Democratic Arlen Specter — whom the Obama administration wanted to keep in the Senate.

This could be a very big mistake for the Obama administration. They’re counting on Clinton taking the fall here for them, to save their asses even if it means tarnishing himself — but Bubba don’t go under the bus easily. “Slick Willy” would never be so reckless as to give Sestak a direct offer of a job in exchange for his quitting the race.

Unless it was to protect his wife. That might be the Obama administration’s plan — that if Bill takes this hit, then they’ll take care of her and keep the scandal from affecting her position as Secretary of State. After all, Bill’s made plenty of other sacrifices for Hillary, likely in penance for his years of ill treatment.

But that’s a loser’s game for the Clintons. By most accounts, they made their deal years ago: she stayed with him through his serial philandering, he used his post-presidency to advance her career. And he’s been exceptionally diligent in keeping up his end of the deal. Taking the fall in this whole Sestak mess would not help her. On the contrary — it would give the Obama administration serious leverage over her and mean that she keeps her position only at their sufferance, and makes her “damaged goods” through association.

All that is remaining is for Joe Biden to make some kind of statement on this whole mess. It’s just BEGGING for his “special touch…”

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