"jihad is holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam"

Obama’s National Security Council’s counterterrorism and homeland security adviser John Brennan substantiates the notion that this administration is filled with idiots, dunces and ignoramuses:

Mr. Brennan told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that “we have seen individuals, including U.S. citizens, armed with their U.S. passports, travel easily to extremist safe havens and return to America, their deadly plans disrupted by coordinated intelligence and law enforcement.”

Mr. Brennan spoke on the eve of the release by the Obama administration of a new National Security Strategy report.

The new strategy, according to Mr. Brennan, will continue the George W. Bush administration strategy of seeking to distinguish al Qaeda terrorism from the religion of Islam. Mr. Brennan specifically said the Obama administration would no longer use the terms “Islamist” and “jihadist” “because jihad is holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community.”

I do believe that hating Jews is also a tenet of Islam… and infidels… and women are but mere chattel who should have their genitals mutilated, should be covered from head to toe while in public, and are to be killed, to defend the family’s honor, if they’ve been raped or sexually abused.

Oh… and peace… peace is also a tenet of Islam.

Someone turn out the lights on your way out of America. 

It’s over.

Blooming idiots have prevailed.

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