The Water's Edge

There’s an old, old principle in American politics that states that “politics stops at the water’s edge.” The theory was that no matter our differences, we do not take our domestic disagreements abroad. And we certainly do not invite other nations to participate in our domestic affairs.

That seems to be at an end, thanks to the Obama administration.

Now, I understand that Arizona’s new illegal alien enforcement law isn’t that popular in certain circles. But it’s not something that should be the subject of international debate. The fact that one state has gotten fed up with the federal government’s staunch refusal to carry out its own responsibilities and chosen to do what needs to be done is strictly a matter for our own concern.

It’s clear that the Obama administration doesn’t like the law. I understand they’re preparing a legal challenge to it. (Presumably, after they’ve actually read it, but not necessarily.) But so far, what they’ve done to express their dislike of the law is reprehensible.

Oh, I can live with their out-and-out lying about the law. That’s pretty much part for the course for politicians in general and the Obama regime specifically. So when President Obama demagogues on the nature of the law, talking about how “now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen,” I shrug it off. I’m used to the guy just making shit up and saying whatever he thinks might fly in getting his way.

But when officials of our State Department, in discussions of human rights with China, a truly brutal and oppressive regime, actually cites the law as a “human rights violation” by the US and apologizes for it, then I get furious. Of course, that particular official claims that he hasn’t actually read the law he finds so appalling should come as no great surprise — he’s just following the party line established by the boss and propagated by others in his regime, including the Attorney General who will be in charge of challenging it and the Secretary of Homeland Security, who prior to that was the governor of the state in question.

But if there’s one thing the Obama regime is infamous for, it’s for their tendency to double down on stupid. Once they latch on to a theme that gets them some press, they ride it right into the ground and beyond.

Such as the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement stating that one way the Obama regime might fight the law is by refusing to accept illegal aliens detained by Arizonan officials, forcing them to release the detainees for lack of anything else to do with them. That’s right, officials charged with enforcing the law are saying that, as a political statement, they will refuse to enforce the law.

Which is precisely what triggered this whole situation in the first place — the federal government staunchly refusing to enforce immigration laws and securing the border, Arizona stepping up and doing their job, and the feds insisting that they have the right to not only refuse to enforce the law, but to ban anyone else from doing it, either.

And that brings us to last week’s state visit by Mexico’s President Calderon. First up, President Obama uses the opportunity of the joint statement to once again speak out against the Arizona law (without bothering to mention whether or not he’s gotten around to read it). Then, during an address to Congress, Calderon loudly denounces the law (which is still a far cry from being anywhere near as firm as his own nation’s laws regarding illegal aliens) — and he gets a standing ovation from pretty much all the Democrats and representatives of the Obama regime.

Including the aforementioned Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security.

This is utterly indefensible.

(We will now pause for our regular menagerie of Obama apologists and rumpswabs to spin defenses of the indefensible.)

The official policy of the Democrats seems to be that our southern border is not really a crisis flashpoint, its utterly unguarded nature no big deal, and the best way to address the whole situation is to point and shriek “RAAAAACIST!!!11!!!111!1!”

Meanwhile, Americans living along the border are being murdered, Phoenix is racing to become the kidnapping capitol of the world, and Mexican drug cartels are now engaging in open piracy against Americans on lakes that straddle the border.

But remember, the real crisis is that some Americans might hold bigoted views. That’s the only thing really worth discussing. Everything else is just a distraction, or at best a symptom of the real problem.

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