The Real Racists

As the debate gets ignored by the Left, it’s time that Conservatives made it clear who is really holding racist beliefs. It’s as simple as noticing what each side is demanding:

Conservatives simply want the law enforced regarding immigration and border crossing. There are long-standing and clear statutes on the books about what you do if you want to enter the United States, what you have to do to live here legally, and what you have to do to become a citizen here. The Conservative position is, and has always been, that anyone who is willing to obey the laws and become part of the greater America, contributing their talents to help themselves and their family and the USA all at the same time, is welcome to join this nation and succeed. Only those who wish to steal, to harm, to tear down or attack the United States by rejecting and defying its laws are to be barred. The Conservatives’ hope for immigrants, whether Latin, Black, Asian, White, or any race or culture, is that they will prosper and grow, that their culture will enjoy free expression and their individual identity will be preserved while becoming part of the American identity. Immigrants should be able to reach whatever goal they desire, so long as they do so under the same laws and with the same opportunity as any other member of the community. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, scientists, political leaders, religious leaders, writers, whatever road they choose to walk, immigrants should have the same opportunity and requirements.

Liberals, on the other hand, seek to repress immigrants. When Liberals speak of immigrants as a demographic, they speak of immigrants taking jobs ‘that Americans won’t do’ (which happens to be a lie). They speak of migrant workers and unskilled labor. They speak of menial positions and the complete absence of authority or rank. To Liberals, immigrants in the main are work fodder, not to be considered as individuals or competent to pass the requirements that ordinary people can handle. The Liberals may argue that they are protesting the conditions which apply to illegal immigrants, but the objective observer will note that Liberals never offer a way out of poverty to illegals. Liberals expect illegals to work at hard, low-paying jobs, they want illegals to be denied entry to truly professional work in the main. The proof of this is the fact that no Liberal politician in Congress or the White House has moved to change the laws on immigration in a generation, and even now the sum effect of what Liberals want, is to leave things just as they are.

It is the Liberal, not the Conservative, who wants to keep his illegal, low-paid, nanny. It is the Liberal, not the Conservative, who wants to keep his home costs down by using illegals on the construction site in place of qualified, responsible workmen. The Conservative wants illegals to return to the system, to go through an admittedly imperfect and difficult process to obtain legal papers, but after doing so that immigrant is free to rise in American society. Becoming a legal resident allows an immigrant access to their full legal rights to fair pay and benefits, to start a business openly and grow through the success of their efforts, to obtain degrees and licenses to prove their knowledge and skill, and so to gain financial and personal freedom and prosperity.

Liberals are the racists in this issue. Let’s never back down from that fact.

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