President Obama, why not rescind the Federal law?

Have the courage of your convictions Mr. President and rescind the federal law:

A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.

John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting on Wednesday with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper reports.

“I don’t think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution,” Morton told the newspaper.

The best way to reduce illegal immigration is through a comprehensive federal approach, he said, and not a patchwork of state laws.

The law, which criminalizes being in the state illegally and requires authorities to check suspects for immigration status, is not “good government,” Morton said.

In response to Morton’s comments, DHS officials said President Obama has ordered the Department of Justice to examine the civil rights and other implications of the law.

“That review will inform the government’s actions going forward,” DHS spokesman Matt Chandler told Fox News on Friday.

To hell with all that… put your money where your mouth is President Obama… begin the process now to rescind the racist federal law… let’s see how the American people react to that…

Do it now sir.  Unite the country and rescind the Federal law.

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