Political M4sturbation Times Four

Seattle joins Los Angeles, San Diego and Austin, Texas to officially boycott Arizona over it”s new anti-illegal immigration law.

Seattle City Council approves Arizona boycott.

“However, the Seattle City Council”s 7-0 vote on Monday to boycott the state won”t have much practical effect.

The council”s resolution was written to protect the only substantial contract Seattle has with an Arizona company – a $106,000-a-month deal with American Traffic Solutions. The Scottsdale-based company operates Seattle”s 29 red-light cameras.”
And as casino online we all know, red light cams are cash cows for large metro areas. In 2007 alone, Seattle grossed $1.1 million in fines from the 6 cameras it initially installed. By 2008, Seattle had 30 red light cameras.

So it”s all really quite progressive: Indulge in worthless symbolism to sate tender liberal emotions – as long as it doesn”t inhibit the flow of cash to the coffers.

But in the bizarre-o world of liberalism, can cities boycott themselves?

Only in the land of fruits “n nuts, my friend.

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