Immigration Nation: Holes In The ICE

Perhaps you have heard by now the story of Jessica Colotl, a senior law student from Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

Good grades. Sorority girl. Aspiring lawyer.

What’s wrong with that?

Well. Turns out, Jessica is an illegal alien.

Now, the liberal media and pro-illegal alien organizations have taken up her defense, attempting to paint her as a living martyr: Just a poor kid who has gotten caught up in the unfair system of immigration laws where an immigrant is actually expected to come here legally.

Some quick background information about poor Jessica’s situation:

She was brought here from Mexico by her illegal alien parents when she was 11 years old.

Somehow, she was able to enroll in and attend public school, after which she was accepted into KSU as an in-state tuition student (In-state-tuition is much cheaper than out-of-state.).

In a stunning turn of coincidence, as of April 2010, her tuition status at the school has been changed to out-of-state.


“Colotl’s legal problems started in late March (2010) when her car was stopped on the Kennesaw State campus. Born in Mexico but living in the United States since she was 11, she could not produce a driver’s license, so she handed over as identification an expired passport from Mexico.

She was arrested the next day and turned over to immigration officials. She spent more than a month in the Etowah Detention Center in Alabama.”

“In a statement Wednesday night, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren said, “Ms. Colotl knew that she was in the United States without authority to be here and voluntarily chose to operate a vehicle without a driver’s license, which is a violation of Georgia law. She has further complicated her situation with her blatant disregard for Georgia law by giving false information.”

(That false information was providing sheriff’s officers with an incorrect current address. It’s tough to actually know where you live.)

As for the use of the ICE program, he said, “I value any tool that helps me enforce the law and remove violators from our community.”

Sheriff Warren is doing his job correctly. Damn raaaaaaaacist thug!

So, she is an illegal alien. She actually got caught. She was driving without a license (She doesn’t have one. The article tries to sugarcoat it by stating she simply “could not produce” one.) . Her passport has expired. She gave false information to the police.

Sounds like great lawyer material to me.

She is now, predictably, represented pro-bono by the ACLU, attorney Chris Taylor, immigration attorney Charles Kuck, Mary Bauer-legal director of the mega-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center, and Charles Kuck, an immigration lawyer and a past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Senorita Cototl was arrested under a program called 287(g).


“The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office participates in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program–called 287(g) — that allows local law enforcement agents to (GASP!) enforce federal immigration laws. Cobb County authorities turned the student over to ICE on April 1 and she was taken to a detention center in Alabama.”

Ms. Cototl’s legal team has now taken to demonizing Sheriff Warren and the law which legally allowed his office to arrest her. (Astounding that it takes a special law to allow law enforcement the latitude to arrest someone committing a blatant illegal act.)

“But the band of lawyers and advocates who rallied around Colotl say Cobb County is abusing its power. In a joint statement Thursday night, they voiced outrage over Colotl’s treatment and suggested that the felony charge is trumped-up.

“It is obvious from all the documents that I’ve seen that she has done nothing wrong and has given her proper address to Cobb County and immigration officials,” said Chris Taylor, Colotl’s criminal attorney. “There has been no crime committed.”

The Cobb Immigrant Alliance likened the actions of officials to “schoolyard bullying.” Gonzalez, of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, called the sheriff “Wild-West Warren,” saying he “has abused his authority in this case. His actions clearly demonstrate the problems that occur when local law officers are granted authority to enforce immigration laws.”

Sheriff Warren has embarked on a witch hunt, wasting money and county resources for political gain,” said Adelina Nicholls of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. “This is not about public safety.”

I do not believe it is illegal for them to attend college in the U.S.,” he said.

Aye carumba!.


“Colotl and her lawyers were flanked by about a dozen representatives from civil liberties and immigrant rights groups at Friday’s news conference. They called for ICE to revoke the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office’s participation in a program known as 287(g), which allows local law enforcement agents to help enforce federal immigration laws.

“We are calling for an immediate termination of the 287(g) agreement in Cobb County,” said Azadeh Shahshahani of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, adding that her office has contacted the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees ICE, and the U.S. Department of Justice, asking them to look into Cobb County’s use of the program.”

Jessica’s case is yet another outrageous example of the unaccountable local enforcement of immigration laws in Cobb County gone awry,” said Azadeh Shahshahani, ACLU of Georgia’s national security/immigrants’ rights project director.

From The New York Times:

“Labeling the program a “civil rights disaster,” Mary Bauer, legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said it “leads to racial profiling, distracts police from looking for real criminals and destroys families.”

She also called upon Obama to stop the use of 287(g).

Inverting blame and blurting out slanderous sound bites against law enforcement officials operating under a fully legal set of rules is not shocking, considering the American-hating, leftist, Alinsky-like radicals representing this criminal.

They chose to disregard the fact that Ms. Colotl was not stopped for violating immigration law or by racial profiling. She was stopped for numerous driving violations, which, fortunately led to the discovery that she is in this country illegally.

Obtaining a qoute from Jessica’s illegal-alien mother, she said the following:

“They never thought that this would happen,” says Colotl’s mother.

Jessica’s mother spoke through an interpreter. She hid her face because she’s also here illegally.

She says that “it would be fair for Jessica to come out finish her school then go back to Mexico. She wants is Jessica to finish her dream and finish her education — to happen here since this is where she started.”

Uh, perdóname, madre, but what is fair would be for you and your illegal daughter to be held accountable for knowingly violating the laws of the country, and paying the necessary price for your life, which has been based completely on criminal activity.

(There has been no mention of the father, except that he came to the country illegally, as well.)

The fruit don’t fall far, huh?

Jessica may not have the documents that show that she’s an American citizen, but she’s an American,” Taylor said. “She’s an American in her heart because she believes in the values of this country.”

In front of the crowd that gathered Friday, he said of his client, “She has not failed us. We have failed her. The system has failed her.”

“U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, whose district includes Kennesaw, said Colotl’s case demonstrates that federal immigration laws need to be strengthened.

“Jessica Colotl has undoubtedly met with success since coming to the United States,” he said in a statement. “However, her successes since arriving here illegally must not influence which of our laws are applicable to her. Simply put, the law is the law and it is unfortunate that her parents put her in this position by bringing her here illegally as a child.”

As for Ms. Cototl’s reaction to her situation, she seems not to understand that there may, in fact, be consequenses for one’s illegal actions.

From The AP:

“I just hope for the best and I hope that something positive comes out of this because we really need a reform to fix this messed up system.

I really believe that something positive should come out of this, probably an immigration reform or at least the DREAM Act,” she said.


“I never thought that I’d be caught up in this messed-up system,” Ms. Colotl said Friday at a news conference after being released on $2,500 bail. “I was treated like a criminal, like a threat to the nation.”

Her ultimate goal, Ms. Colotl said at the news conference, is that proposed legislation called the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act — known as the Dream Act — will become law, providing students without legal immigration status a path to become legal.

(Right. We are led to believe that this is something she is familiar enough with to call it her “goal,” yet, she can’t even figure out which address to give a sheriff’s officer when she gets stopped with no driver’s liscence.)

The president of KSU has his fingerprints all over this issue, lobbying for Cototl’s release and re-instatement to the school.

From Fox News:

“ICE released Colotl last week and deferred action on her case for a year, allowing her to complete her classes.

“We are especially thrilled that she will be allowed to continue her studies here at KSU,” Kennesaw State president Daniel Papp said in a statement after Colotl was released.

Americans for Immigration Control, a group that calls for strict enforcement of immigration reform, has called for Papp’s firing.

Spokesman Phil Kent said Papp violated state policy by granting in-state tuition to an illegal immigrant.

“Our colleges must not be turned into sanctuaries for illegal immigrants who make no effort to return to their home countries and initiate the required paperwork to study here legally,” he said.

Kennesaw State has said that Colotl was admitted as an in-state student because she graduated from a Georgia high school.”

After hearing about Colotl’s case, Republican candidate for governor Eric Johnson called on the Board of Regents, which oversees the state’s university system, to make citizenship verification a part of the admissions process.

“For us to allow an illegal immigrant to take a taxpayer subsidized spot in our University system away from a legal resident is wrong,” said Johnson said, a former state senator.

“Simply checking a box on a form is not enough–we should ask prospective students to provide verifiable proof of their immigration status,” he added.

Amazing that this even needs to be said.

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