DHS cuts anti-terror funding … in NYC

I can’t begin to figure this one out so I’ll just quote the story from Politico.

The Department of Homeland Security told congressional officials Wednesday that it’s moving to make cuts in anti-terror funding to New York City, less than two weeks after cops helped thwart and attempted car bombing in Times Square — an effort the White House has since pinned on the Pakistani Taliban.

The cuts, lawmakers were told, amount to about 25 percent for port security, and another 27 percent for transit security, according to several reports.In the wake of the failed Time Square bombing, this doesn’t seem like a well-timed decision. Even Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agrees.

It “just makes no sense at all, particularly in light of recent events,” Sen. Charles Schumer told cable station NY1’s “Inside City Hall.” “The worst nightmare we probably face is some kind nuclear device placed in a container in the ship in the harbor and exploding … we need all the help we can get.”

Schumer criticized the cut, but didn’t blast the president — saying Obama understands the need for the funds and blaming Washington bean-counters.While Schumer doesn’t blame Obama, it is ironic that Obama is making a photo-op appearance in NYC today. Given the breaking developments in the Time Square bombing case, this also seems like an ill-timed decision.

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