Breaking News: More Arrests In Times Square Bombing Attempt

The FBI is conducting raids in New York and Massachusetts, apparently in connection to the failed Times Square bombing. The Boston Herald is reporting that two people have been taken into custody and plenty of potential evidence taken from a home in Watertown (a suburb of Boston). They’ve also been spotted at two gas stations in Brookline (another suburb), The Herald reports that the stations are owned by one Elias Audy,

Fox News is reporting that the raids are not following the operational part of the would-be bombing, but the “money trail” that supported Faisal Shahzad. Further, Fox says that the authorities were seeking seven differnet people — four of which have been captured.

It’s also being reported that the arrestees are being held under “administrative charges,” which means that the authorities are interrogating them without their having been read their Miranda rights.

One of those detained has been charged with overstaying his visa; another for remaining in the country after being ordered to leave.

It is not clear at this point what ties these suspects have to the Tea Party movement, but the story is still breaking. I’m quite certain that that will be revealed in due course.

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