American Taliban Strikes

For a few years now, we’ve had the left refer to the religious right as the “American Taliban.” But now that we’ve had a real incident that actually parallels the actions of the Taliban when they ruled Afghanistan, it was in all likelihood that members of the left carried out the atrocity.

A war memorial in the shape of the Cross has been in the Mojave Desert for decades. Recently, some anti-religious activists didn’t like that a Christian symbol was being used thus, so they filed suit to get it removed. It made it all the way to the Supreme Court, where the Justices ruled recently that it can stay.

That didn’t suit some folks, so they decided to overrule the court and steal the Cross.

Now, these were no ordinary vandals. These were determined, because that Cross was no easy thing to steal. The Cross’s latest iteration (it had been replaced several times) was seven feet tall, made of steel tubing, filled with concrete, and bolted to the rock. The thieves had to remove the bolts and haul off a cross that weighed a LOT (I can’t find a specific weight of the thing, but I think a significant portion of a ton would be in the ballpark).

Let’s look at the facts here: certain individuals decided that they knew the Constitution better than the Supreme Court and acted in full defiance of the Court’s ruling that the Cross could stay. They believed that their morality demanded that they eliminate the expression of a religious belief that they did not agree with, and took it upon themselves to get rid of the Cross.

As for the Taliban comparison… remember back in March of 2001? The Taliban, the de facto (but never legal) government of Afghanistan, decided that the two giant statues of Buddha, built before Mohammed was born, were an affront to Islam and blew them up.

I don’t see a hell of a lot of difference here.

By the left’s own definitions, this is absolutely a hate crime. It was motivated for purposes of religious discrimination and intimidation, and carried out in direct defiance of the United States Supreme Court and their ruling two weeks ago.

I fully expect the Obama administration to treat this with at least the same energies they’ve spent into investigating and denouncing the Tea Party movement and finding the vandals and thieves, and the Cross returned to its proper place.

And I say this as an agnostic who gives no special relevance to the Cross as a symbol, but as an amateur student of history who recognizes that the Cross is viewed as a memorial to those who died — in this case, those who died in service to our country. Further, the highest awards the individual Armed Services present are the Army’s Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross, and the Air Force Cross.

There’s currently a $25,000 reward being offered by the American Legion. I suspect that others will add to that amount.

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