She sounds so sweet, so casual… but listen to her words

This I find to be alarming… note the nonchalance, note the matter-of-factness, note how innocently evil escapes this young woman’s lips:

That coming our way via David Swindle who provides all the context you might need to understand what you’ve just heard. It’s truly incredible.

More incredible are those who gloss over this woman’s words… who minimize this woman’s ideology… who are silent as to the evil she embraces fully while in the same breath finding members of the Tea Party to be anathema.

Bookworm points us to this related Dennis Prager piece that makes the point far more effectively and cogently than I ever could:

A defining characteristic of the Left is its inability to identify — and therefore confront — evil: from Jesse Jackson’s and Dennis Kucinich’s expressions of support for Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, to decades of leftists’ praising Fidel Castro, to the mainstream media’s denial of moral culpability for the arsonists, murderers, and rioters in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict (“Understanding the Rage” was the title of the Los Angeles Times’s daily special section devoted to the riots), to the universal liberal outrage at Pres. Ronald Reagan’s characterization of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire,” to the Left’s virtually unanimous hostility to Israel.

The Left’s inability to identify the religious beliefs of Islamic terrorists, its insistence on instead ascribing their murders to terrorists’ psychological tensions and economic problems, and its simultaneous certainty that conservative white Americans have only the most vile motives — these are all expressions of the Left’s failure to recognize and confront real evil.

Just remember this: If Faisal Shahzad had not been identified as the would-be bomber, the mainstream (i.e., liberal) news media and leading Democrats would have told us repeatedly that a white male — surely a conservative white male — was the Times Square terrorist, and that we should therefore be looking suspiciously at our fellow Americans on the right, especially those attending tea parties. For while liberals claim not to know the motives of Muslim terrorists, they are always certain of conservatives’ motives: racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

When, one day, the Left exits from history’s stage, its epitaph will read: “Those who do not understand evil will not understand good.”

Bookie closes with her own words of wisdom:

Our conservative baselines are justice and maximum freedom, with respect for life as an important subset of those values.  Sometimes we understand that, as in the case of just wars aimed at expanding or protecting freedoms, innocent lives will be lost — and that’s a price we recognize we must pay for the greater good.

Progressives, however, a more Orwellian baseline applies:  All people are equal, except those classified as PC victims, are more equal than others.  Freedom, justice and respect for life all pay homage to a hierarchical world view that organizes people by victim classifications.  Once classified, the rule of thumb is that someone who is in a victim class cannot be considered evil when s/he turns on someone in an oppressor class.  And that’s it.  There are no abstract values.  It’s just a bizarre spreadsheet of relative victimhood.

As each day passes, as I see more and more evidence for the idiocy being embraced, I’m having a tough time convincing myself that liberalism/statism/progressivism/marxism is anything but wicked.

A very tough time.

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