From Ebonics to Obamics, Liberals Are The Hate Speech Party

Back in the 1990s, the Oakland School District decided that teachers needed to become fluent in teaching African-American students in their “genetically based” language rather than English, and therefore passed a resolution requiring a program be created in “Ebonics“, a language based on no formal grammatical structure whatsoever, and which implementation not only diluted already-scant resources in schools, but completely abandoned the reasonable expectation that students in American schools should learn English. The move is baffling to anyone who focuses on public education’s role as duty to prepare children for success in the adult world, but it makes perfect sense from the warped politics of the Left. Ebonics offered Liberals a means to expand government, create new entitlement programs, and by the way continue to suppress a significant minority by denying adequate education to Black children on the grounds that they could not understand English well enough to succeed in the mainstream language.

English, like it or not, is the global language of business, science, politics, and government. English is the default language of airline pilots, sea captains, banks, doctors, and every professional field in the world, while an education in Ebonics not only has no value in any professional field or industry, it stigmatizes the individual as incapable of conducting nominal commerce. Ebonics is therefore prima facia Racism, and it is wholly a Liberal creation, fully aligned with Liberal objectives, to continue denying Blacks full participation as Americans while perpetuating the lie that Liberals are looking out for them. From the Jim Crow laws passed by Democrat-controlled state governments in the 20th Century, to disparaging assumptions made about tens of millions of Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans by “Progressives” unable to believe that people should be educated and given opportunity on their individual merit and effort, to the patronizing spin so often deployed in Leftist propaganda and campaigns that minorities need the direction and control offered by their generous Utopian Progressives.

Which brings us to Obamics, the odd version of Economics being sold by President Obama. Let’s leave aside the many broken promises about tax cuts and public debate on major legislation and so on for the moment – if you really thought a Liberal from Chicago would even remember his campaign promises, you’re in a bad way – and address the effects of President Obama’s edicts and proclamations. Two of the three major automakers were effectively nationalized by the Democrats, as was HealthCare, as was Banking. While Democrats began the process as soon as they took power in the 2006 elections, President Obama not only accelerated the process, he made sure that the principal beneficiaries were his buddies and allies, such as the SEIU and ACORN. Despite Obama’s insistence that his stupendous deficit-exploding spending bill was necessary, Unemployment has effectively been unaffected by it, because in its effect the bill was never really meant to do anything but line the pockets of Obama’s friends and increase the scale of government. The stock market lost a thousand points in half a day before cooler heads prevailed and rebuilt some of it back, precisely because President Obama is obviously incompetent to steer the nation’s course.

What people forget about Wall Street, is that emotion can and does drive decisions, and confidence in the President’s credibility and capabilities will either stabilize or cause chaos in reactions to financial events. Obama tends to panic, jump to conclusions, or just point fingers while he hides behind a photo op. As a result, when the predictable riots began in Greece, our self-indulgent Chief Executive offered no palliative to the leaders of American Finance about the security of U.S. interests or investments. While Obama would be quick to deny responsibility, his lack of reaction is tantamount to negligence. Of course, Obama’s habit of choosing the wrong actions when he does decide to do something is hardly reassuring. After doing nothing for more than a week to respond to the Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire, and oil spill – and by the way offer no condolences at all to the families of the eleven rig workers killed in that disaster – Obama decided he needed to punish the oil industry on the assumption that all oil rigs are the same, and issued an order prohibiting all of the new exploration and development projects in the Gulf, even though the Deepwater Horizon rig was unique in its free-floating design (using Dynamic Positioning rather than mooring) and operations in 5,000-foot deep waters. President Obama has never been the sort of man to be tied down by facts, although this has the regrettable effect of making him look like a fool 95 percent of the time he gets involved with business and economic matters. But President Obama is quite willing to pay the price of his dignity, if by that cost he is able to hurt his enemies.

Because Barack Obama is quite clearly a Socialist, and therefore his enemies are successful American corporations and financial institutions, especially when they advance or support American dominance or advances in the global arena. And to undo his enemies, nothing works quite so well for Barack Obama as hate speech, be it false allegations of greed or negligence, or the simple assignment of blame for every malady, real or perceived, he can throw up against them. Like everyone on the Left, Barack Obama clearly believes that the truth of a claim is not nearly so important as whether you can hurt someone with it.

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