NYSE: "No Technical Problems During Decline"

That’s what they’re saying

But take a look at this section from a recap of yesterday’s trading in The Wall Street Journal.

Drawing particular attention were stocks that posted far bigger losses than the broad market. At least eight in the Standard & Poor’s 1500-stock index fell to a price of one cent per share–essentially a 100% decline. Among them were Boston Beer, Exelon and Accenture.

With Accenture, for example, 20,365 shares changed hands at around $39.98 during the minute of 2:46 p.m., then another 68,516 shares were traded at $38 per share during the minute of 2:47. But then in the 2:49 p.m. minute, 66,277 shares traded at one cent. By 2:50 p.m., the stock was back up to $39.51.

When you look at it that way, it looks like someone hacked the market to make a windfall…

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