California: Worker's Paradise

Today’s national unemployment data unexpectedly rose to 9.9%. Meanwhile, the “green jobs” powerhouse known as of Kaleefornia provides a glimpse into the future with 12.6% unemployment and a uncontrollable budget deficit of $20 billion dollars.

Ah, but unemployment and spending cuts are for the little people, haven’t you heard? For the government worker, times have never been better.

Exhibit A: The Los Angeles Worker’s Paradise known as the Department of Water and Power.

Besides making more than $100,000 per year, what can employees of the DWP expect in the way of benefits?

Trips to the liquor store on company time – check!


Drinking your booze while driving company vehicles – check!

while driving.PNG

A few lap dances to de-stress – check!


Watch the whole video, you will not be disappointed.

I especially like their denials when confronted by the reporter…and let’s give some props to this reporter for doing what so many of his colleagues do not – real investigative reporting.

Oh don’t worry about the employees, they haven’t been terminated.

Remember, getting fired is for the little people.

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