Another Hollywood Hypocrite

I found a link to this CNS story at Big Hollywood.

Hollywood actress Ashley Judd said she takes steps to leave a “small carbon footprint” on a “daily basis” by “carpooling” and “taking direct flights,” among other measures. She made her comments to on the red carpet at the White House Correspondents Dinner on May 1 in Washington D.C….

Judd said, “Well, it’s a very big question, and one that far exceeds the scope of this little red carpet interview. I am on the board of Defenders of Wildlife, with whom I’m very happy to serve. And I had to the chance to testify before a House subcommittee on the cap and trade legislation, and specifically designating 5 percent of the revenue generated by cap and trade to help ameliorate and offset the damage global climate change is doing to different environmental systems. So, it’s a really big deal to me.”

“I try to practice on a daily basis, leaving a small carbon footprint, whether it’s as simple as carpooling and not flying when that’s, you know, taking direct flights instead of — all that kind of stuff,” said Judd. “There’s just a lot that individuals can do. And I think it’s important we all try to make a difference.”I don’t keep up with Ashley Judd, but I don’t think I’ve seen her in a movie in quite some time. The last time I saw her was probably on a talk show like The Tonight Show or The View and that was not recently, but the last few times I saw her interviewed she talked about her husband, Dario Franchitti — the race car driver. She attends the races and supports him. I don’t know much about Judd,but I do know that much. I just don’t get it. Is Judd so clueless that she doesn’t see how hypocritical it is to talk about her carpooling when her husband is burning all that oil running around and around a track? Or does she just assume no one in the media will call her out on it? Well, if that is what she thinks, she is right. And don’t even get me started on why she is testifying about cap and trade before Congress.

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