Globe Accidentally Prints Truth

Joan Vennochi, one of the Boston Globe’s more reliable liberals, has a shocking (by Globe standards) column out today. In it, she acknowledges that the Time Square bombing suspect is, in fact, a radical Muslim and that the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by radical Muslims.

This is borderline heresy for a Globie (apart from Jeff Jacoby, their token conservative).

Nine years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and the corresponding war on terror that American troops have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the average citizen gets it. Some Muslim extremists want to kill Americans and will keep on trying to accomplish their mission.

It’s the first thought that registers when a bomb is placed in cars, shoes, or underwear by someone described as Muslim. What’s so terrible about acknowledging that link?

This is just one half-step away from admitting that there just might be some tiny bit of merit to the notion of profiling.

This is just plain old -fashioned common sense. Certain groups of people are more prone to commit certain types of crimes than other types.

For example, if there was a suspected serial killer in my neck of the woods, I’d probably get some very close scrutiny from the police. I’m a single white male in his early 40’s who’s a bit of a loner. That puts me in some very disreputable company, and I’d almost be disappointed in them if the police didn’t at least talk to me. I’d cooperate with them and work to establish my innocence as quickly as possible — so they’d stop wasting time looking at me and focus on finding the real killer. That’s common sense, civic duty, and enlightened self-interest all rolled into one.

I’d certainly NOT form an organization of white anti-social loners to threaten lawsuits and organize protests against the police.

With the news this week that both the Washington Times and Newsweek are up for sale by their owners, who are tired of shoveling money down the well, perhaps Vennochi is anticipating the Globe’s owner — the New York Times — to put it up for sale or shut it down entirely, and she’s looking to reposition herself a bit further away from the left.

Expect ringing denunciations of Vennochi from the rest of the mainstream media any moment now.

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