Magic Negro Calls For Civility From Teabaggers

The President just jumped the shark.

Days after calling for less heated political rhetoric, President Obama is quoted in a new book blaming House Republicans for creating the “tea-baggers.”

Now, remember, the president super-intelligent, and so much smarter than the rest of us.

So it’s not only impossible, but racist to think that he was ignorant of the sexual connotation fo the term “tea-bagger.”

It’s also impossible and racist to think that he is ignorant of the fact that the Tea Party movement is pretty solidly anti-establishment, and while they might like individual members of Congress, they seem to be so fed up with the government that they’d cheerfully sieze the opportunity to toss out of office every single member of Congress.

So he’s obviously lying.

Nah. Even I don’t buy that. I think that Obama, for all his vaunted intelligence, is that sheltered and narcissistic and arrogant that he simply can’t conceive of a legitimate grass-roots movement (after all, one of his closest advisors is David “King of Astroturf” Axelrod) that has solid, valid, legitimate reasons for opposing his agenda. That there are people who, no matter how long he spends talking about how great his plans are, will just say “no” and reject them for entirely valid reasons.

You got spoiled in Chicago, Mr. President. You got used to being part of a single-party political machine that never really had to compete to get its way, just brute force. And that ain’t gonna work on the national stage.

And the harder you try to make it work, the more epic your fail will be.

And while I’d love to relish your failure, you ain’t gonna go down all by your lonesome. No, you’re gonna take a good chunk of us down with you.

What’s it going to take to get you to wake up and learn something?

Update: I better offer a bit of context for that title…

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