White House: Ahmadinejad's UN speech 'predictable'

Yeah, just like the results of Obama’s Iran Engagement Policy and his “bearing witness to history” while thousands of Iranian protesters pleaded for support as they were brutalized after last year’s elections. So sayeth the AP:

Spokesman Robert Gibbs says Ahmadinejad’s speech was predictable in failing to speak about the obligations his country hasn’t lived up to in dealing with its nuclear program. Gibbs says Iran is becoming further isolated in the world community.

You mean like an Obama speech on financial reform is predictable in failing to speak about the $1,000,000 plus in campaign cash he received from Goldman Sachs? What megalomaniac is going to give a speech telling the world they’ve screwed the pooch?

Somehow I don’t think Iran believes it’s being further isolated in the world community much these days.

Also predictable – Israel eventually striking Iran’s nuclear facilities out of a sense of self preservation, then Obama bearing witness to history and turning his back on our long-time ally when it’s inevitably bombarded by Hezbollah goons afterward.

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