To The Victor Belong The Spoils

There’s a new sheriff in town. And he means business.

If you don’t like him, tough nuts.

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has made it his priority to undo decades of liberal scandals.

Chris Christie has, throughout his campaign, never hidden his disdain for the actions of the perpetually liberal New Jersey Supreme Court. For years, they have done the bidding of the Democratic bosses, ruling and legislating policy from the bench.

When Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli “dropped out” of the 2002 Senate race due to multiple ethics violations, (At the time, it was clear he was losing to Republican Doug Forrester with only 5 weeks to go in the campaign), the liberal New Jersey Supreme Court ruled he could be replaced by fossil Frank Lautenberg, even though the legal deadline for replacement had already expired.

Now, as Governor, it is Christie’s right to appoint whom ever he feels will strictly adhere to the state constitution.

Christie has decided not to reappoint Supreme Court Justice John Wallace.

Remarkably, it is the first time in New Jersey history a Justice has not been reappointed.


“In announcing the decision to jettison Wallace, Christie this morning said the court’s philosophy was the key issue, not politics. He said he disagreed with the court’s decisions in several instances that “invaded” the functions of the executive and legislative branches — but that sitting judges should not think toward reappointment when making their decisions.”

“I only believe that a justice of the Supreme Court should have an allegiance to the law and to our constitution, and candidly I do not believe that that’s what’s happened in the main on some of these important issues,” Christie said. “Many of these decisions have been results in search of a rationale. And that’s not the way to appropriately interpret the laws and interpret the constitution. And there have been any number of examples of that over time. And, again, this is not about anybody looking over their shoulder. This is about acquitting their responsibilities in the way they believe appropriate.”


Fellow liberal Justices have spoken out against Christie’s decision. If they were professionals, they would not comment out of the dignity of their positions.

As Wallace is a black man, the race card of course has been tossed out as one of the reasons.

Boo hoo.

Christie has made tough, painful choices, most notably slashing the state’s obscene fiscal budget. A budget which has bankrupted New Jersey, resulting in debt and deficits which have put this State on a path to financial ruin.

The miracle of his election is starting to bear fruit.

Christie is the right man for the job.

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