Big Apple Boom Bust

The fallout from the failed bombing in Times Square continues. And it looks like the attempt has Epic Fail written all over it.

Authorities have an embarassment of riches when it comes to evidence. In addition to scads of videos from security cameras, they have the entire intact vehicle and bomb to play with. They’ve got enough stuff to keep every single crime procedural currently on TV busy for weeks. They’ve got all the bomb components, the vehicle itself, the plates (already traced to a Connecticut junkyard — the dumbass owner scrapped his car, but forgot to take the plates and turn them back in to the state) — all positively dripping with fingerprints, DNA samples, and records and documentation. It won’t take much to trace nearly all of that through the chain of custody — possibly right up to the bombers themselves.

Among the videos gathered so far is at least one that shows the would-be bomber. A white male in his 40’s is seen leaving the scene, shedding his outer shirt, and looking back at the bomb vehicle. Now, despite the protestations of a lot of idiots, Islam is not a “race” (and therefore there’s nothing “racist” about anti-Islamic attitudes). Muslims are of all races. No, the only group I can think of that’s exonerated by this video is the New Black Panther Party, so they’re free to set up armed guard posts outside polling places to remind Whitey that their day is coming.

There were initial reports that a branch of the Taliban had claimed responsibility for the would-be bombing, but those have since been discounted.

Of all the potential suspects so far, I’m still putting my money on radical Islamists. My main reason is the sheer randomness of the targeting.

If it was far-left radicals, like those I believe were behind the New Orleans beatdown that sent two young Republicans to the hospital with broken bones, it wouldn’t have been planted in Times Square, but somewhere closer to Wall Street. And it would have been either during business hours, or more aimed at property damage.

If it was far-right radicals, it would have been placed outside ACORN’s offices or a government building. And, as the right is generally more competent at violence than the left, it would have likely worked better.

No, this was not specifically targeted against any faction of American society or culture or government. This was aimed at Americans in general, in a place where the general populace gathers in utter disregard of politics. And that makes me think of those groups who hate Americans in general — which excludes nearly every American radical group. Hell, even Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground didn’t bomb indiscriminately — their biggest plan was to set off a nail bomb at a military dance, where about half the targets would have been members of the United States Army.

The only reason this case should not unfold with astonishing speed would be if the authorities decide to take it very slowly, very precisely, and to nail down every single detail in excruciating detail so as to make their case as airtight as possible. And so far, they aren’t acting like that — they’ve already released a great deal of information: the video of the suspect, the tracing of the license plate, and now news that the Nissan Pathfinder has been traced to an owner in the Tri-State area. (Probably stolen, like the license plate.)

This case is gonna bust wide open damned fast. And then it’ll be very interesting to see how the Obama administration handles the matter. I’ll wager that if they can’t tie the would-be bombing to some right-wingers, and especially if it does turn out to be radical Islamists, they’ll be very reluctant to call it “terrorism.”

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