"scientists are so thoroughly steeped in knee-jerk male bashing"

If science can be used to ‘prove’ man-made global warming, could it not be used to ‘prove’ that men need to become more like women?

It is telling that scientists are so thoroughly steeped in knee-jerk male bashing that they do not even ask whether there might be something positive about having less oxytocin. Why do they take it for granted that male biochemistry is intrinsically maladaptive? Why do they assume that masculine behavior is something like an illness, something to be compared with the kind of social withdrawal they see in autism and schizophrenia? Why do they consider it something that requires treatment?

Why indeed. Read the whole thing and understand that the need for the wussification of culture is yet more settled science.

Love what was found in the comments to the post:

If the scientists were to administer oxytocin to men on a wide basis, they could be assured their culture would soon be conquered by normal men from another.

Or radical men who see these men to be weak.  Oh wait… that’s already happening.

H/T Glenn.

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