New Orleans GOP Beatdown Update: Nothing New Under The Sun

It’s been a little while since I wrote about the brutal assault and battery of GOP fundraiser Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Brown. That’s because there really hasn’t been much new to report.

To summarize: on Friday, April 9, Republicans held a big-ticket fundraiser at Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter. Among the attendees was a young lady named Allee Bautsch, escorted by her boyfriend, Joe Brown. Word of the event spread among New Orleans’ left, who organized a protest outside of the event. One of the main forces behind the protesters were the fine folks who run the Iron Rail Book Collective. The protests got so disruptive that the police had to be summoned to disperse much of the crowd.

Much, but not all of it.

When the event ended, Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villaire, Jr. tried to leave. He was deterred by the remnants of the protesters out front, so he and his companions departed by the back door. They were spotted and chased by the protesters, but escaped in a cab.

Shortly thereafter, Bautsch and Brown left by the front door and started walking away. In very short order, they were followed and assailed by a group of about five men — one of whom bore a remarkable resemblance to one of the Iron Rail Gang members who’d been videotaped at the protests earlier. Numerous insults were hurled, and Brown turned to confront the followers while he urged Bautsch to flee. Bautsch stumbled, and the gang fell on the couple. Brown suffered a concussion, a broken jaw, and numerous contusions; Bautsch had her leg stamped on while she was on the ground, breaking it in several places.

Robbery seems an unlikely motive, as photos taken after the assault show Bautsch still had her purse, and Brown still had a fancy-looking watch on his wrist.

Brown was treated and released from the hospital. Bautsch underwent surgery for her shattered leg, and is recovering at home.

Since the initial furor, the story seems to have gone nowhere. Police have said nothing about the case. They have made no arrests, have identified no suspects, issued no statements — nothing. It’s like they’ve decided that if they just pretend it never happened, it’ll just go away.

I still stand by my earlier theory on this case:

ome far-left extremist anarchists (probably but not definitively associated with the Iron Rail Gang collective) hear about the fundraiser and decide to give those fascist pig corporate fatcats a taste of People Power. They put out flyers and other forms of publicity to draw young liberals and other leftists all looking to “get in the faces” of the enemy. The expected crowd shows up and makes a bunch of noise, the police come, and most of the crowd is dispersed. (They did what they wanted; they got to “stick it to the man” a little, maybe meet some like-minded spirit of the appropriate sex, and collected a “war story” about how brave they were.

But the core organizers, the anarchists, stick around. They aren’t done.

Villere and his friends try to leave, but duck back inside and go out the back door. The thugs spot them and give chase, but they get away in a cab.

Then Brautsch and Brown come out and start walking. The thugs outnumber them five to two, and Brautsch is a rather petite woman, so they have numbers on their side. The mob shouts insults and cat-calls and other imprecations. They probably figure that Brautsch and Brown will run, they’ll give chase for a bit, and they’ll have another tale of glory.

Sadly, no one tips Brautsch and Brown in to the plan. So Brown does the chivalrous thing, telling Brautsch to run while he tries to hold off the mob. Then Brautsch stumbles, and the “chase” scenario will no longer work.

Well, the mob can’t just back down at this point. Besides, Brown is challenging them, one guy standing against all of them. He’s defending himself and his lady. If the mob were to back down, they’d have to admit that all five of them were scared off by one guy.

So the beatdown commences. Because Brautsch and Brown didn’t stick to the mob’s script and didn’t flee in terror, they get what all Rethuglicans/RepubliKKKans deserve. Brautsch’s leg is broken in five places, requiring extensive surgery, and Brown gets a broken nose, a broken jaw, and a concussion.

But they aren’t robbed. No, these thugs aren’t common thieves. And while it would have been justice for these two young fascists to have their excessive wealth (embodied by her purse and his watch) liberated in the name of The People, that wasn’t what the mob was after. They weren’t Robin Hoods, they were Righteous Avengers.

In the two weeks since I wrote that, not a single fact has emerged to back that up. But neither has a single fact emerged to discredit it. It’s precisely as valid today as it was then.

And the silence by the Democratic officials who run New Orleans on this is deafening.

If this story ends up not being a politically-motivated assault and battery, not a case of radical leftists showing their disapproval of conservatives by putting two of them in the hospital for the crime of being conservative in public, I’ll publicly eat a steaming helping of crow right here on this site. I’ve done it before, and I’m not afraid of doing it again.

But I don’t think I’ll have to. I’ve got a pretty good record on these kinds of predictions…

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