Michigan Defending the American Dream Summit

I’m at the Michigan Defending the American Dream Summit, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Right now Sarah Palin is speaking.

I walked in just a few minutes after she began speaking, but the screams of the crowd was clear from outside the hall.

I sat down just as she told a cute story from the campaign about her daughter Piper. Sarah said that since she was in a church she felt comfortable telling the story because it was spiritual in nature. Piper wanted to be with her at her debate with Joe Biden. Before the debate, like at any big event in her life, she liked to pray because it’s part of who she is. She looked around and noted that no one from the campaign wanted to pray with her, so she turned to Piper. In order to keep the prayer simple for her daughter, she asked that Piper pray that she win the debate and that God would speak through her. Piper then looked at her and said, and I’m paraphrasing, “God speak through you? That would be cheating.”

I lost my internet connection for a while there, but I took notes on her speech and will post that later, but she’s now doing Q&A.

1. Asked about health care, she said she felt vindicated regarding her comment about death panels because the government will have to a ration, and a government body will have to do that. Rationing means denying care.

2. Bush tax cuts must remain. The Death Tax will hurt American families all over the country.

3. She spoke about her accomplishments as governor. Biggest thing was making state more economically efficient. Sold the governor’s jet on eBay, not allowing her family to live off the fat of the taxpayers’ money. Vetoed many bills the legislature passed because she thought they were unnecessary and a waste of money.

4. When asked what she’d like America to be like in the future, she really focused on it being more of a culture of life.

As Sarah was signing books after her Q&A her husband Todd came out on stage to shake a few hands.

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