Man Whisperer runs into some trouble

Please take the following and run with it in the direction of your choosing:

The author of the self-help book the “Prince Harming Syndrome” is fighting back against the cad she says royally hosed her.

Karen Salmansohn, the writer of “How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Successful Dog Trainers,” says she was was knocked up by a Long Island man who’d falsely promised to have a family with her.

Mitchell Leff told Salmansohn, 49, he was “practically divorced” when he met the “How to Succeed in Business without a Penis” writer and wanted to start a family with her – and even offered to pay and provide sperm for IVF treatments, Salmansohn says in court papers.

“I’m a self-help author, not a psychic,” Salmansohn told The Post. “His words and actions were completely telling me he wanted a child.”

But when the $28,000 treatment Leff paid and provided for was successful, the 51-year-old landromat king told her he was “too old” to be a dad again and she should get an abortion, her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit charges. Now she’s suing to make him support her through the pregnancy as she says he’d promised to do.

Leff declined comment.

I think I’ll decline to comment as well while soliciting your comments.

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