Papers, Please!

Recently, I tossed off a little piece discussing the fascinating inconsistencies that the left has on its positions vis-a-vis when a person should be compelled to provide documentation to the government. Well, today the Boston Globe has two articles that not only enhance that point, but reinforce it.

First up, the Globe is positively giddy that, for the second year in a row, the Democrats who control own lock, stock and barrel the legislature have defeated a measure to ban illegal aliens from a whole slew of public assistance. Their giddiness is restrained, however, because this time it wasn’t utterly crushed. Last year, the vote was 118-40 to defeat it; this time, it was 82-75. (There are 160 seats in the Massachusetts House.)

It’s also worth noting that the Glob is actually using the term “illegal immigrants.” For years, their practice has been to either call them “undocumented” or simply drop the modifier entirely and lump illegal aliens with our legal guests.

Meanwhile, they have an editorial up discussing one of Boston’s most successful schools — Boston Latin School. It’s a very select school, only open to Boston students who score highest on an entrance exam.

It seems that a lot of parents want their kids to have access to this superb school, so they’re faking city residency to qualify. The Globe here takes a hard line — that border that demarks the edge of the city is one worth fighting over, and those “undocumented” students must be kept out so the benefits of the school can be reserved strictly for those on the RIGHT side of that imaginary line.

So, here’s an update on what a lot of liberals think about documentation.

SItuations where people must present proper papers:

  • When getting your children out of the government-assigned public school and into an elite public school.
  • When challenged to prove you have health insurance.
  • When you wish to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and keep and bear arms.
  • When you wish to buy alcohol.
  • When you wish to buy tobacco.
  • When you want to buy a frigging decongestant.

Situations where demanding people present proper papers is absolutely unacceptable and RAAAAACIST!:

  • Showing up to vote.
  • Getting birth control while a minor and without parental consent or knowledge.
  • Getting an abortion while a minor and without parental consent or knowledge.
  • Getting public assistance, funded by American citizens and legal, documented aliens.

The common theme, it seems to me, is that the liberals want to make it as easy as they can for you to be dependent from the government, and as difficult as possible to assert your own rights and independence.

But that, of course, is probably wrong. That would be too simple, too predictable. It fits too neatly into my own preconceptions and prejudices.

So, what would be an alternative explanation?

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