Blast From The Past

For a while, it actually looked like sanity would prevail. Unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama mentor William Ayers had been invited to speak at the University of Wyoming, but conservative student groups protested and he was uninvited.

But then Ayers went to court (using the very same legal system that let him almost literally get away with murder — after being freed on a technicality, he proclaimed “guilty as sin, free as a bird — ain’t this a great country?”) to protest this unfriending. And a judge has ruled that UW has to not only let this scumbag on campus, but give him a lecture hall and “adequate” security to protect him from… well, anyone who might decide to emulate Ayers’ own conduct from his feckless youth.

So, how should Mr. Ayers be received on campus?

Well, he could be greeted with a nail bomb planted in his podium. A little “blast from the past” for the former bomber. Heck, perhaps he could critique its construction and demonstrate how to properly disarm it.

Nope, the right doesn’t do that.

Then, how about throwing a cream pie in his face? Have a couple of students rush the stage and plant a big, gooey mess right in the old terrorist’s kisser? It’s all the rage on college campuses — just ask Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, William Kristol, Anita Bryant, William F. Buckley Jr., Phyllis Schlafly, or other prominent conservatives who’ve been pied.

Nah, that won’t work. When a conservative gets pied, it’s a prank, a joke, an exercise in free speech, a brave blow against fascists. If a conservative were to pie a prominent liberal, it would be assault and battery, a brutal expression of political violence, an attempt to silence a speaker, and a crime against Gaia and the poor to waste food. So that’s right out.

How about threatening to riot if he’s allowed on campus? How about saying that it’s time to take a stand against hate and violence?

Uh-uh. Only hard-left anarchists and radical Muslims are given that freedom. The rest just get their asses tossed in jail for just the threats.

Well, why not simply show up with lots of big signs and banners protesting Ayers’ presence (and his unapologetic attitude towards his terrorist past)? Why not just wave the banners and signs and shout the bastard down? Hundreds of people chanting “NO TERRORISTS ON CAMPUS” and the like?

Forget it. That kind of freedom of speech is only granted to leftists. Keeping that from happening would fall under what the judge has ordered as “adequate security.” Protest signs and banners would be excluded, protesters closely watched, and anyone who even says “boo” to the vermin Ayers will be removed.

In the end, the lesson to be learned from Ayers’ visit to the University of Wyoming will be this: in our system, all are equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others. And someone like William Ayers –an unrepentant former domestic terrorist — is simply more entitled to more rights and more acceptance and more forgiveness than conservatives who don’t have his record of atrocities and aren’t anywhere near as extreme.

Yes, I will admit to a major personal vendetta against Ayers. He is a domestic terrorist who not only escaped justice for his crimes, but is to this day utterly unrepentant of his deeds. And it rankles me no end that he’s a respected voice on the left. He actually did so many of the things that the Left keeps saying — groundlessly — that the Tea Party movement wants to do.I don’t see any difference between Ayers and Timothy McVeigh, except that McVeigh was more competent and Ayers was pretty much a chickenshit coward who was far more talk than action, and excelled at getting others to carry out his plans and keep his hands clean.

One final note: it would be tempting to ascribe Ayers’ treatment to his connection to the president. Ayers was a long-time friend and supporter of Obama’s who played a crucial role in several early stages of Obama’s rise to power, but in recent years the two men have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from each other. It seems both understand that their association has moved from an asset to a liability for achieving their common goals, and at this point I don’t think they even acknowledge ever having heard of each other. The notion that Obama would intervene on Ayers’ behalf — or that Ayers would even think of dropping Obama’s name — is simply not plausible.

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