Through The Looking-Glass

Of late, there’s been a rise in both political violence and in talk of political violence. But what is especially challenging is reconciling the two — as they seem to bear very little resemblence to each other.

In Arizona, there was a protest about their new illegal alien law where those opposed to the measure rioted.

In Los Angeles, Neo-Nazis held a rally… where they were confronted by Neo-Communists, who attacked the Nazis and drove them off.

In Georgia, a white supremacist was murdered, and police have charged his black neighbor.

(Yes, in those last two cases, it’s hard to have much sympathy for the victims, but even assholes like those have the rights to not be assaulted or killed.)

And let’s not forget Kenneth Gladney, the black protesters beaten down by union thugs at a Democrat’s “town meeting,” and William Rice, who had a fingertip bitten off by a MoveOn.Org member at a health care protest.

But if you listen to the mainstream media or the left (but I repeat myself), all the concerns about violence is about those evil, racist raaaaacist, xenophobic, simple-minded teabaggers.

You know — the same folks whose gatherings are practically welcomed by local police because, not only are they exceptionally well-behaved, they often leave their gathering areas cleaner than they found them.

Listening to the mainstream media and the left (again, I repeat myself), I am reminded of listening to the eternal whine of the bully, or the domestic abuser.

“Look what you made me do!”

They are obsessing over the “potential” violence of the Tea Parties, while utterly ignoring the very real violence already going on.

Some times, the abused partner in the relationship finds the strength to leave their abuser and escape the situation.

Other times, they find other options.

I fear that some day some Tea Party protester or sympathizer will get fed up with the bullshit accusations and fear-mongering and decide that “if that’s what they want, let’s give them what they want. And if they think that we’ve been bad so far, they ain’t seen NOTHING yet.”

I don’t think that it’s an overly likely possibility. But it’s not impossible.

And mainstream media/the left?

Your crying wolf ain’t helpful.

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