Hussla-In-Chief Race-Baits Voters. Again.

(Damn. I didn’t realize Rick had posted about this yesterday. However, the content is so racially calculated that I feel the need to vent on it myself.)

That was some rousing, uniting, telepromtorial oratory from our first Black president, huh?

I guess white people, at least white men, aren’t a part of the American electorate anymore.

According to liberals, we are ALL rich, angry, powerful, and racist.

Though this thinking, if directed toward any other group, would objectively be labeled racial stereotyping, in this age, by these Democrats, it passes for political strategy.

The show of condescension toward minorities and women just advances the reality of the perception the Democratic party, just by saying “Hey, vote for us!,” takes their votes for granted.

And, really, who could blame them.

96% of black people voted for Obama in 2008. That’s all policy driven, right?

Sounds like an election result suited more for the likes of Kim Jong Ill.

The voting block that had the single biggest impact on Obama’s presidential win was “independent” white voters, both young and older. People to whom race didn’t matter. People who were just tired of eight years of George W. Bush, and were seduced by the pointless, hollow rhetoric presented as “Hope and Change.”

His complete dismissal of them in this call to political arms can be construed as tacit acknowledgment that he has lost them, and that can not be blamed on racial bias, as they helped elect him in the first place.

The rise of the Tea Party movement has so blind-sided the Democratic machine that they now, with no contempt for the blatancy of their actions, again, have resorted to compartmentalizing voters based on their skin color and at least one gender.

Just imagine if Obama were white, and substitute the various groups he spoke of with “white Americans.”

He would be branded a racist, subject to impeachment.

Obama, however, gets away with it due to a complicit media which would never pose the question of why he resorts to race-baiting, and that the voters which he singles out are overwhelmingly voting not just blindly Democratic, but for the color of his skin.

Many people, on various other sites, have commented on this speech. In my “guess-timation,” the feedback taken from these comments was 99% negative toward Obama, with most recognizing it as a form of racist rhetoric, disenfranchising not just “white” people, but Americans, all of which he is supposed to represent.

Political doom is quickly approaching for Democrats.

This Race-Monger-In Chief just cemented the tone for November.

A few more racially-biased speeches by this “uniter,” and we’ll be prying away that gavel from Polosi’s creaky hand soon enough.

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