"there is an effort to criminalize enforcing the law"

Rush today on the Arizona law meant to deal with that state’s illegal immigration problem:

Isn’t protecting our legal citizens from an invading army of illegal aliens who are using our services and taking our jobs, a basic notion of fairness?

Isn’t that in the Constitution in where is the fairness to American citizens on here? Where is it being applied?  How come the fairness here is being denied to American citizens?  Fairness is a casualty because of the behavior of American citizens.  What about the basic fairness of state and federal governments to protect the American citizens?  So it looks to me like what’s going on in Arizona — and it’s not the first time — there is an effort to criminalize enforcing the law.  And leading this effort is “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm,” leading the effort to criminalize the enforcement of the law.  It’s like on 9/11. Obama seems to only have empathy here for the perps.  He doesn’t have any empathy or sympathy for the American people in Arizona, for the American citizens out there.

Of course, Obama has his supporters, particularly amongst the pious left:

Foreigners Out!

“The pizzas you eat come from Italy, your numerical system from the Arabs, your script from the Romans, your toys from Hong Kong, your electronic equipment from Japan, your clothes from Taiwan, your wealth from trade with the rest of the world. And then you shout ‘Foreigners out!’?”
~ A church sign in Offenbach, Germany
(via Ekklesia)”

U.S.’s Toughest Immigration Law Is Signed in Arizona” (New York Times) 

Notice how the law is portrayed by Obama and his misguided followers. It’s either racist or it’s a violation of civil rights or it’s xenophobia when in reality it’s about a state attempting to do something to ensure that laws on the books are enforced, that rampant crime is dealt with, that the state’s citizens are protected.

The new legislation (that link brought to us by Steve Schippert in an email to a blogger’s distribution list I belong to) isn’t complicated and far shorter (17 pages) than I expected.

An interesting clause in the relevant passage contains this most cogent (and under-reported) language:


Seems plain enough don’t you think?


In the mean-time, there are those who in the attempt to clean up the border area, have come across some interesting items:

At the fence, we saw garbage everywhere including the Mexican side. We even heard a man clearing his throat on the other side of the border fence. We found a backpack with clothes that were wet from a newly opened water bottle that had spilled. We have every reason to believe there was someone in the wash we were walking who heard or saw us and took off. It was an eerie feeling. And yes, it only takes 3 seconds to hop a border because we found something that is never shown on the news or in distributed pictures: crossbars on both sides of the fence that are welded into the metal posts to serve as footholds. This is the handywork of illegals – not the way the fence was constructed. One can also witness the areas where a sledgehammer was used to break the footholds – probably done by border patrol. All someone has to do is slip their foot onto the cross bar to hoist themselves up, climb to the top bar and jump over. It’s that easy! And that’s what protects you and me from millions of unknowns.

The Arizona law is but yet another step by decent law-abiding citizens to take their country back.  Decent law-abiding citizens who are being misrepresented, slandered, and portrayed to be people they aren’t by people who claim to hold the moral high ground.


I fail to see how these alleged moral high grounders can do these things in good conscience.

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