Terrorist Resents Being Called A Terrorist

Poor, poor William Ayers. The guy just can’t catch a break.

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, he was a founder and leader of the Weather Underground. That radical leftist group was at the forefront of numerous liberal causes — opposition to the Viet Nam war especially. And in the name of fighting for their goals, they decided to set off bombs.

Quite a few bombs. As well as other acts of violence.

For his role in these actions, Ayers has paid a heavy price. He was arrested and tried, then acquitted on a technicality. (In his own words, “guilty as hell, free as a bird.”) He then decided to “fight the power” from the inside, becoming a leader in the field of education reform. He grew into a leading voice on the left on that topic, and became a mover and shaker in Chicago politics. He also managed to find the time to mentor an up-and-coming Chicago politician by the name of Barack Obama.

When Obama started campaigning for president, a lot of people started digging into his past. There were quite a few stonewalls on that path, but one that bore fruit was Obama’s association with Ayers. Obama’s story about his association with Ayers was a remarkable evolution: it started out as “this guy from my neighborhood,” then “our kids go to school together” (never mind that Ayers’ children are adults, while Obama’s are 11 and 8). Then it came out that Obama had launched his political career at a dinner party at Ayers’ home, Obama had written a rave review of one of Ayers’ books, and some even think Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s “Dreams Of My Father.”

One would think that would be enough for him. But that’s not enough.

Now he’s insisting that he was never a terrorist, and the Weather Underground wasn’t a terrorist organization.

Mr. Ayers, you founded and led an organization that set off bombs, triggered riots, and killed people in the name of a political goal. That’s pretty much the textbook definition of “terrorism.” The only significant difference between you and Timothy McVeigh was that you and your comrades were considerably more incompetent than he was. You talked big, but he’s the one who actually applied your tactics without blowing himself up.

And let’s look at that incident more closely. Your comrades (including your then-lover) were building a nail bomb — that’s a bomb with nails embedded in it to maximize the carnage and inflict the worst wounds on the victims — and planned to set it off at an NCO dance at Fort Dix. How many American servicemen and their civilian dates did you hope to kill and maim in that attack, Mr. Ayers? Was it the subject matter of pillow talk with Diana Oughton, your then-lover, who died in the blast?

You’re a terrorist, Mr. Ayers. You committed terrorist deeds, you founded and led a terrorist organization, and escaped justice for your crimes not because of any actions of your own, but misconduct by the prosecutors. You were granted your freedom, and allowed to go into academia — where you became a leading voice there, too.

Now you’re whining that you can’t whitewash your past.

Suck it up, pig.

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