Mixed Messages

According to the Obama administration, there are certain things that one should not have to provide documentation to prove. Among them:

  • That you are in the United States legally
  • That you are old enough to obtain birth control or an abortion without parental consent (or even knowledge)
  • That you are the voter registered to vote

On the other hand, there are certain things where you absolutely should provide documentation to prove. Among these:

  • That you possess health insurance
  • That you are old enough to buy alcohol or tobacco
  • That you have honestly reported every bit of income (unless, of course, you’re part of the Obama administration)

Here’s an elegant solution: when pressed for documentation, simply claim to be an illegal alien.

It’s a bit of a sad commentary when it’s actually more advantageous to be an illegal alien than an American citizen, but those circumstances are becoming more and more common…

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