Buddy the German Shepherd: Definitely this man's best friend

An amazing story:

Buddy the German Shepherd has been hailed as a hero for guiding an Alaskan State Trooper through back roads to a fire at his owner’s workshop in Anchorage.

Owner Ben Heinrichs was working on parts for his truck when a spark hit some gasoline and ignited, setting his clothes on fire.

The 23-year-old ran outside to put out the flames by rolling in the snow.

But his dog ran off to get help, found the puzzled Alaskan Trooper Terrence Shanigan at a crossroads, and guided him to the blaze.

“Buddy was able to connect with me, giving me a lot of nonverbal cues, kind of loping, and wanting me to speed up at times.

“And when I finally pulled in, Buddy greeted me at the driver’s side door and kind of nudged me towards the house. It was surreal,” the Trooper told reporters.

News stories just don’t get much better than that one.

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