Fear And Loathing In New Hampshire


A few weeks ago, I mentioned a casual passing with a white supremacist quite close to my home. At the time, I declined any kind of confrontation, with several good reasons and several more good excuses. Part of me regretted not saying anything at the time.

Now, I have even more regrets.

Earlier this week, as I was leaving for work, I found a card under Mongo’s windshield wiper. It proclaimed “I WANT YOU TO QUIT APOLOGIZING FOR BEING WHITE; STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS.” and a link to a web site.

The web site in question? The American Nazi Party. (No linkage for those pigfuckers.)

No shit. Real, actual Nazis. Complete with downloadable copies of Mein Kampf, The International Jew, and all sorts of other Nazi propaganda, literature, messages, and the like.

No message boards, of course. I’d have had a field day with that.

Here’s where it’s a bit odd. I’d still like to confront this asshole, tell him to keep away from me and my vehicle, but I have a bit of fear. Not for myself, though. Oddly enough, I have very little concern for my physical safety.

But I do worry about my vehicle being vandalized. For some reason, the thought of my means of transportation, my means of getting to and from work, my means of exercising my right of free movement, scares me more. And the thought of this Nazi and his butt-buddies getting back at me through Mongo (my old, beat-up SUV) is enough to get me to back down.

So I had a chat with my landlord. I explained that I had some minimal expectations for the safety of myself and my property, and I felt genuinely threatened by this asshole and his message. He said he’s going to deal with the matter, and previously he’s been good at that.

I still want to see this asshole again. I still want to confront him, to tell him what he can do with his “white power” and “white supremacy” bullshit, and to tell him to stay the hell away from me and mine.

But I suspect I’d wimp out again.

We are all so much braver when we don’t have to confront our enemies face to face.

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