Link-Fest Thursday

Check out these awesome links from across the conservative blogosphere:

Instapundit links to an article about the Chevy Volt.

Hot Air warns of massive tax increases.

NewsBusters says “happy Earth Day” from some crazy hippies.

Jumping in Pools has an interview up from a nut running for Senate in Florida.

RedState talks about the media’s double standards.

Moonbattery has an open thread going.

Reaganite Republican has an article about stupid pirates attacking a U.S. warship.

Just Politics has an article up about Obama fear-mongering.

3:20 P.M., If some’s good, more is better:

Michelle Malkin writes about James Carville calling Republicans reptiles.

The Blogmocracy has a piece about what a real conservative leader looks like.

The Other McCain has an article about how they’ve moved to a new url.

Quote Of The Day: "Subtlety Is Not Going To Win This Fight"