A Day To Remember

Today is “Patriot’s Day,” more commonly know as the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

It was on this day 235 years ago that the British army set out to arrest two key patriots, Samuel Adams and John Hancock. They also wanted to capture a stockpile of Colonial ammunition stored at Concord.

As the British advanced, Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode out to warn the surrounding towns, signaling the Minutemen to ready themselves for possible confrontation.

At Lexington, the Minutemen were greatly out numbered, ranks consisting of only about 75 men, while the British numbered close to a thousand. In a show of unimaginable bravery, they fought the British, eventually retreating to safer ground.

As the British advanced toward Concord, they searched houses and barns, where they found some Rebel munitions. In a show of force, they burned down the houses where these arms were found.

From where other Minutemen, made of farmers, shoemakers, or clergymen were stationed, they saw the smoke rising. Figuring the Redcoats were burning down their towns, these patriots became enraged by the actions of the British.

Within hours, almost 2000 Minutemen descended on Concord.

The British, realizing they were outnumbered and lacking supplies, decided to retreat to Boston, where their army lay siege.

During the ensuing battle and subsequent retreat, the Colonials killed 73 British soldiers, wounding 173.

By the time word spread of the intentions of the British, close to 20,000 Colonial militiamen from different colonies arrived, preventing British forces from escape and resupply.

235 years ago, it all started.

Just think of the bravery of the men in this country who had the fortitude to go up against the most powerful nation on Earth. The men who thought for all. The intelligence, insight, and foresight they possessed to put in motion events which would lead to the creation of this nation, a nation like no other in world history.

A day like today is truly amazing.

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