How different is this guy's nuclear disarmament goals from Obama's?

This guy being Dr Saeed Jalili, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and a leading ally of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Address by Dr Saeed Jalili, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, at the International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation – “Nuclear Technology for All, Nuclear Weapons for None”

Tehran, 17-18 April 2010

Distinguished Delegates, Dear Guests:

Four months ago, I witnessed the scene of one of the most appalling crimes against humanity in Hiroshima. I wrote down in the book commemorating the victims of Hiroshima, “The most important message of Hiroshima is the disarmament of the US,” and I underlined the importance of holding this conference and the necessity of having a gathering to share ideas and thoughts.

I welcome you to the Islamic Republic of Iran and hope that our sharing of thoughts in this meeting, that seeks the noble goal of disarmament, will be a right response to the expectations of the international community.

Why do we need a meeting like this?

After 65 years that have passed since the disaster in Hiroshima, the perpetrators have not repented or asked for forgiveness from the people of Japan. On the contrary, after 65 years, they shamelessly threaten other nations with nuclear weapons.

The culprits behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies were not tried or punished. After they committed such crimes, they used their possession of nuclear weapons as a basis to exact privileges in the international system.

After World War II, international relations have not been based on justice, democracy, and sovereignty of nations. These relations have evolved on the basis of the power to possess nuclear weapons. The possessors of nuclear weapons have been able to acquire a special privilege solely on this basis. Can this foundation bring about and promote security in our world?

Apart from the fact that no free-minded person in the world can accept this foundation, the experience over the past 65 years have also shown that the possessors of nuclear weapons not only have failed to bring about security, but they themselves have been the principal source of all conflicts over these years.

The Islamic Republic of Iran wants a world replete with justice, peace and well-being for all. The package proposed by Iran is based on the same desire. The two slogans of this conference, Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None, is the principal component of our proposed package.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has again stated its readiness to have dialogue on common concerns of the international community on the basis of collective commitment. Those who openly state that they will use levers of pressure in their dialogues are, in fact, openly saying to the whole world that they are resorting to pressure and coercion due to absence of logic and culture of dialogue on their part. We invite them to the logic of respect for the rights of nations and return to dialogue and to be accountable to the global community.

Hoping for the day without nuclear weapons in the world and a world replete with peace, justice and happiness.

I read the whole rant and came away with two thoughts.

First, that it might well have been written by Jeremiah Wright, who has expressed similar thoughts as to the evil perpetrated by the United States, thoughts that explain in part Barack Hussein Obama’s gall with American exceptionalism.

And secondly, that this guy uses some of the same language used by so many members of the Religious Left.  His references to peace, to justice and to dialogue ring so familiar.

Is it merely coincidence?

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