And Then, All Of A Sudden, A Tea Party Broke Out!

Gateway Pundit has video of a fascinating bit of civic theatre: a group of neo-Nazis held a rally in Los Angeles, and Communist front group International ANSWER organized a counter-protest.

The result: a quandary of political physics that leaves me giddy: what happens when an irresistible group of assholes meets an immovable group of assholes?

Sadly, we don’t know the answer, as the police (who must have felt conspicuously like Poland did in 1939) kept the two apart.

One benefit has emerged, though: I have resolved a long-standing personal dilemma.

For years, I had used the Iran-Iraq war as my metaphor for a situation where I wished both sides could lose. That has now been corrected:

When Nazis fight Communists, who wins?


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