Well, That Explains Their Certainty…

In the leadup to last week’s Tea Parties, many liberals spoke about their concerns about possible violence at the events. They were sure that there would be open hostility and racism and bigotry and hatred on the scene.

Well, now we know why there were so convinced it was going to happen: because they were planning on staging it.

At Boston’s Tea Party on Wednesday, featuring Sarah Palin, a coalition of far-left nutjobs and union thugs (remarkable how well these two groups get along) stormed the event, equipped with bullhorns and T-Shirts proclaiming their membership in a union “Task Force.” They shoved their way through the crowd, blaring their message as loud as they could.

And they’re tremendously proud of their “achievement.”

You know, that really deserves a full Fisking, but I’ll have to get back to that one… instead, here’s a video of their action:

And if that wasn’t enough, in St. Charles, Missouri, two “infiltrators” showed up at the Tea Party rally there to cause a ruckus. One of them, it turns out, is an official in the county’s Democratic Committee.

That’s right, folks. St. Charles County Democratic Comittee Secretary John Durajczyk thought it would be grand fun to show up at a Tea Party and carry out a little “false flag” operation.

Hey, Missouri Democrats: why don’t you “Show Me” a bit of responsibility and kick this guy’s ass to the curb.

Alternately, if this sort of thing is now fair game as a political tactic, then I think quite a few of us who’ve been on the receiving end might have to start making our own plans…

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