Through The Looking-Glass On A Tourist Visa

Ever wondered what the leading voices on the left are saying about the New Orleans Republican Beatdown? Well, wonder no longer. I got my inoculations up to date and did a quick tour of some of the leading leftist blogs to see what they have to say.

Kos: Nothing.

Puffington Host: Several citations, all in comments that are promptly mocked and downplayed.

FireDogLake: One article, mocking the whole story.

Eschaton: Nothing.

Talking Points Memo: Again, only in the comments, with a healthy dose of denial.

Of course, if you want genuine leftist crazy, you gotta go to the pros at Democratic Underground. There, the response seems to be “it never happened, and they had it coming.”

I’m particularly enjoying the talk that Bautsch and Brown might have staged the whole thing for political gain, that they arranged for their own assault so they could blame it on the left.

That reinforces an earlier theory of mine: that the left’s extremists are passionate, while the right’s are efficient.

When a leftist tries to stage a “false-flag” operation, they tend to keep it strictly superficial. They e-mail or snail mail themselves threats. They vandalize their own cars. They hang nooses. They draw swastikas on walls. They insist that racial epithets were hurled at members of Congress, despite dozens of cameras not capturing them. In short, they are wimps about it.

The only real exception I can think of is the Tawana Brawley case, but that wasn’t truly political in motivation — it just snowballed into one.

When a right-wing extremist does the same thing, they go for the gusto. The oft-cited (because it’s such a rare occurrence) example of Ashley Todd, who scratched a “B” in her cheek and said it was done by an Obama supporter, actually did scratch herself enough to leave a serious mark. And in this case, the theory apparently put forth by the lunatics at Democratic Underground (and implicitly endorsed by our own Lee Ward, by his endlessly bringing up the Todd case) is that Bautsch and Brown were complicit in their injuries, allowing others to break her leg, his jaw and his nose, in order to properly blame the left.

Now, there is a modicum of cover for the left’s silence. They do have the tiniest of fig leafs they can hide behind. The assailants haven’t been caught yet, so there is no proof of motive. So they can say that they’re simply refusing to speculate on a matter when all the facts aren’t in yet.

Of course, that didn’t keep them from trying to lay the body of Bill Sparkman, the Census worker who hanged himself in the woods, at the feet of the right. And that hasn’t stopped them from countless other incidents in the past, even (or especially) the ones that end up being hoaxes.

I can understand those who say “wait and see” about this case, let things develop a bit more before we cast aspersions. That’s the wise, safe course. Hell, there’s a part of me that wishes I’d followed that advice.

But those who are insisting that there’s nothing political about this despite the evidence to the contrary, demanding absolute proof (which they won’t actually accept anyway) before they’ll even consider the possibility — they are digging their own graves.

And I don’t feel the least bit inclined to stop them.

Hell, I’ll cheerfully kick the dirt in after them.

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