Friday's New Orleans Republican Beatdown Update

More and more details are emerging in the brutal assault of Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown last Friday night in New Orleans. The latest version of the events is this:

  • Bautsch, the chief campaign fundraiser for Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, attended a high-powered fundraising dinner at Brennan’s, a very ritzy restaurant in the French Quarter.
  • Numerous leftists and far leftists protested at the event, getting so boisterous that the police were summoned and dispersed the protesters.
  • After the event, Brautsch and Brown left the restaurant on foot.
  • After about a block or so, they noticed that they were being followed by a group of about five men who started shouting insults (and, presumably, threats).
  • Brown turned to confront the gang while urging Brautsh to fun for safety.
  • Four of the followers fell upon Brown, beating him savagely, leaving him with a broken nose, a concussion, and numerous contusions. Some of those contusions were on his hand, indicating that he fought back with some effectiveness.
  • The fifth pursued and caught Brown, who suffered a broken leg.
  • When police and paramedics arrived, Brown was lying on the sidewalk with her head resting on a curb, her purse under her head as a pillow.
  • The descriptions of the assailants matches those of some of the protesters caught on video outside Brennan’s.

(As before, The Hayride is all over this story.)

It should be noted that “latest version” does not mean that the story has been constantly changing. On the contrary, with a single exception, the story has been evolving in a remarkably consistent fashion; each new detail fills in more of the picture in a consistent fashion. The sole element that has been discredited were the initial reports that Brautsch and Brown were wearing Palin pins, and those were the “provocation” for the assault. Everything else hangs together remarkably well.

Now, for the stuff that has yet to be substantiated, but seems reliable:

One blogger interviewed the New Orleans Police Department spokesman about the case, who confirmed that the insults shouted by the gang of assailants was “of a political nature.” The spokesman later walked back those details, not precisely denying or retracting them, but clearly regretful that he had let those details slip out.

Finally, for the completely speculative part. What seems to have happened is that a gang of leftists and anarchists, most likely affiliated with the Iron Rail Gang, heard about the Republican fundraiser at Brennan’s and got involved in the protests outside. Being typical leftist/anarchist punkasses, they got a bit rowdy and the police were summoned. Most of the protesters dispersed, but a few lingered. Then, when the fundraiser broke up, they saw Brautsch and Brown leaving on foot. Emboldened by their superior numbers and “righteous rage against the Right,” they followed them, shouted insults, then delivered a thorough beatdown of the Republikkkans.

Now, that the details are emerging and people are connecting them back to their friends, their associates, their ties, they can feel the noose drawing tighter around their necks. They know that it’s only a matter of time — very short time — until they’re identified and arrested and charged for their act of “righteous moral outrage” that put two people in the hospital.

When that happens, when it is confirmed that the beatings of Bautsch and Brown was an act of political violence, that they had their bones broken for the unforgivable sin of being conservative in public, then it will be time to wave the bloody shirt in the faces of the left and demand that they acknowledge that their own side has some serious problems with violence and thuggery and inflammatory rhetoric, that their own side has committed the most serious act of political violence in years.

Not yet, though. Not yet.

Not until every single detail has been nailed down, not until every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, not until the assailants have been identified and tied together, not until there is not a shadow of a doubt in any reasonable mind just what went down last Friday night.

There’s an old saying: “when you strike against a king, be sure to kill him.” It’s one of the wisest pieces of political wisdom I’ve ever encountered: when striking against someone or something powerful, be absolutely certain that the attack will not leave the target in a position to hit back. A wounded king is a powerfully vengeful foe.

For years now, the left has been simultaneously denouncing the “political violence and hatred” of the right while simultaneously its own fringe elements have carried out the lion’s share of that violence. This time they’ve finally gone too far, and they’re going to get nailed to the wall. They’re going to get crucified on the cross they’ve tried to shove the right on to.

But it has to be done right. The case against the assailants has to be utterly unassailable. It has to be locked down in every detail, or it will get picked apart and hung up on the slightest imperfections.

We know this will happen. Look at the earliest threads on this story here. The far left trolls here immediately seized on the Palin pins report and tried to use that as a cudgel to rip the entire story apart. Then, when they were flailing for the “robbery gone bad” theory, they grabbed on Bautsch’s loss of her purse — never noting that it disappeared after the assault, after the police arrived, and she was photographed using it as a pillow while talking to police (meaning that the assailants could not have taken it).

What will be most telling is not how many on the left will eventually admit that it was their own extremists, who they failed to police (like they demand of the right), who put these two young people in the hospital. No, what will be most telling is how many of them will get ahead of the curve on this one and acknowledge that they have not been monitoring their own fringe, checking their own extremists, and trying to rein in their own crazies.

Those ones will be the ones worth watching. Those ones will be the ones who are the most reasonable, sensible, and responsible members of the left, and those ones are the ones we need to reach out to.

Not castigate them. Not harangue them. Not lambaste them.

Reach out to them. Draw them away from their own fringe, and towards the more reasonable middle ground. And build a united front of reasonable, responsible, rational politically-obsessed nuts.

As easy and comfortable as it is to dismiss the entire left as commie pinko socialist thugs, it’s not an accurate picture. They’re just usually the most vocal and visible. And they’ve got us all pegged as Bircher Birther fascist gun-toting creationist Jesus freaks and willing serfs of our corporate masters, and that’s equally untrue.

This could be the tipping point. It could bring a harsh — but needed — dose of reality that could wake up the majority of the left.

Alternately, it could convince conservatives that the only way they can be assured of their safety in public is to start to exercise their Constitutional rights of bearing arms and self defense, and the next mob of far-left anarchist thugs that goes after what looks like easy prey could end up thoroughly ventilated and suffering from acute lead poisoning.

Time will tell.

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