Obama to "balance support for Israel"

This has ominous tones:

It was just a phrase at the end of President Obama’s news conference on Tuesday, but it was a stark reminder of a far-reaching shift in how the United States views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how aggressively it might push for a peace agreement.

When Mr. Obama declared that resolving the long-running Middle East dispute was a “vital national security interest of the United States,” he was highlighting a change that has resulted from a lengthy debate among his top officials over how best to balance support for Israel against other American interests.

This shift, described by administration officials who did not want to be quoted by name when discussing internal discussions, is driving the White House’s urgency to help broker a Middle East peace deal. It increases the likelihood that Mr. Obama, frustrated by the inability of the Israelis and the Palestinians to come to terms, will offer his own proposed parameters for an eventual Palestinian state.

LibertyPundits expounds:

… rather than stand fast with long standing American principles, and stand fast with our closest and most free and democratic ally in the region, the Obama administration seeks to assuage the Iranians rather than support an ally. And this is an easy call for Barack Obama, because he does not personally see Israel as an ally. Rather, Israel is a problem. (Quick: Name five individuals in President Obama’s circle of advisors past or present who are steadfastly pro-Israel. It’s harder than you think, especially if you ask an Israeli.)

As part of the “brokering,” President Obama will “propose his own parameters for an eventual Palestinian state.” This will be a hard sell, especially when one considers his and his advisors’ past statements of desiring a “contiguous” Palestinian state. That’s next, and it means Israel giving up land to the Palestinians in order to link the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

In order to sell Americans the notion that the Obama Administration has the answers that no one else in the world has had in the history of Israel’s cornered existence, it must be posed as a “vital national security interest” in order to gain the consent of the governed to proceed. Likewise, the same is also required in order to sell the intended subtle notion (that isn’t so subtle) that Bibi Netanyahu is a roadblock on the road map to peace. But, as we’ve seen domestically, consent of the governed is simply desired but by no means required.

How can the administration best sell the bullying of Israel and the personal demonization and discrediting of Bibi Netanyahu as a “vital national security interest”? Why, link it to the safety of our deployed forces. The Left detests them, yet they do make for fantastic political props. Because, after all, who can be against the safety of the troops?

And so, in the name of the American troops in the region, it will be necessary for peace to finally be ushered into the Middle East by an infinitely wiser and fairer American administration.

Allowing Barack Obama and his Democratic allies to continue their policies unabated may prove not only to be the undoing of America as we know her, but may very well have lasting negative consequences globally that are simply tough to swallow.

The American people, her allies in Israel and in Europe, all need to see the handwriting on the wall.

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