New Orleans Republican Beatdown: Thursday Update

Well, more and more details are emerging about the savage beating of a Republican fundraiser in New Orleans last week, and the indicators as for this being a politically-motivated hate crime are firming up — and the chances that this was an exceptionally violent mugging are slipping away. As before, The Hayride is the leading source.

First up, the New Orleans Police Department’s official report states that after the assault, Allee Bautsch — whose leg was broken by her assailants — lay on the ground with her head on the curb, using her purse as a pillow. This is exceptionally strong evidence that the motive of the assault was not robbery, as she was still in possession of her purse after the attack. When EMTs took her away in an ambulance, the purse was left behind and is still missing, but the photo showing Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, talking to police shows what is most likely her purse under her head.

The photo also shows how brutal things got on the mean streets of New Orleans. Brown’s face shows a significant contusion, as does his right hand, and his shirt is seriously disheveled. He got beat down, but he went down swinging, defending himself and the lady.

Hayride also has extensive details tying the protests at Brennan’s during the GOP fundraiser Bautsch and Brown were attending, and one of the main organizers were members of an anarchist syndicate that runs a book shop. The book shop syndicate is fiercely proud of their militant anti-capitalist and anti-Republican stance, and actively recruited people for the protests with some truly inflammatory rhetoric. It’s clear that the members of the Iron Rail Gang see themselves engaged in an ideological war, and boast of their achievements — including vandalizing banks and engaging in “mischief” and “street theatre” in the French Quarter.

We also have an idea of what one of the attackers looked like:

Police released a description of one suspect, saying he was in his 20s, looked “dirty,” and wore his hair in an auburn-colored ponytail. The man was 6 feet, 1 inch tall with a thin build, police said. He wore a light-colored T-shirt and dark pants.

Jim Hoft has pictures of some of the protesters outside Brennan’s who fit the description quite well.

It bears noting that neither Bautsch nor Brown has issued any kind of statement on their attack, and neither they nor the New Orleans Police Department has ascribed or even speculated on any motive for the brutal assaults that sent both to the hospital.

No, all the speculation and accusations are being tossed around by us internet pundits, looking at the publicly-available information and applying our own experiences, knowledge, observations, analytical skills, biases, and observations to the situation.

But the following facts are indisputable at the moment:

  • Bautsch and Brown attended a very high-profile GOP fundraiser dinner at Brennan’s.
  • Protesters, egged on by seriously inflammatory rhetoric by the occasionally violent anarchists of the Iron Rail Gang, turned out in force at Brennan’s and shouted insults and obscenities and, in general, caused such a disturbance that the police had to break it up.
  • After the event, Bautsch and Brown left Brennan’s and walked two blocks, where they were confronted and assaulted by a gang of about five men.
  • During the assault, Bautsch’s leg was broken and Brown suffered a concussion and a broken nose.
  • The assailants did not rob either Bautsch or Brown, as Bautsch was still in possession of her purse when police arrived on the scene of the crime.
  • Descriptions of at least one of the assailants fits at least one man photographed at the Brennan’s protest during the fundraising dinner.
  • The anarchists from the Iron Rail are running like hell for cover, taking down YouTube and Facebook pages where they had previously boasted of their violent “acts of insurrection.”

I intend to continue to follow this story, and urge others to do so as well. But The Hayride is definitely the go-to blog for this story.

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