That's So Maverick

I’ve never been a big fan of John McCain the politician. I think he’s way too eager to seek the approval of his critics, far too often to the point of going out of his way to cater to his ideological opponents and alienating his supporters.

But I’ve always enjoyed the hell out of his sense of humor. The guy is genuinely funny, and his humor is often self-deprecating — being able to laugh at oneself is an amazingly rare trait in politicians. The most popular politicians had no trouble laughing at their own expense. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Geoirge W. Bush all had that quality in spades, and McCain is a champ.

It’s that John McCain that put out this ad:

I haven’t followed his race too much, and wouldn’t miss McCain’s legislative presence too much, and don’t know too much about Mr. Hayworth, but damn that’s one great ad.

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